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Oregon Physics Timeline

2007 - Founded by Noel Smith, Paul Tesch and Noel Martin

2008 - Rod Boswell, Professor at the Australian National University, joins Oregon Physics

2008 - NSF grant awarded for the study of Novel Ion Source for Enhanced Focused Ion Beam Material Removal at the Nano, Micro and Macro-Scales

2008 - Shipped first generation Hyperion I stand alone ion source

2008 - Rod Boswell joins Oregon Physics

2009 - Opened the FIB Service Laboratory featuring high current Plasma FIB services

2010 - Shipped first generation Hyperion I ion source with control electronics

2012 - NSF (Phase I) grant awarded for High Brightness C60+ Ion Source for 2D and 3D Chemical Analysis in Nanobiology. Department of Energy (DoE) grant (Phase I) for Ultra High Brightness Plasma Ion Source for SIMS Imaging of Actinides at the Theoretical Resolution Limit

2012- Oregon Physics ships their first custom electron gun

2013 - Department of Energy (DoE) grant (Phase II) for Ultra High Brightness Plasma Ion Source for SIMS Imaging of Actinides at the Theoretical Resolution Limit

2013 - Receives patent for High Voltage Isolation and Cooling for an Inductively Coupled Plasma Ion Source

2014 - Shipped first generation Hyperion II ion source with complete control electronics

2015 - Introduces the VRG 1 kW variable frequency RF generator for Oregon Physics' plasma ion sources

A Brief History

The founders of Oregon Physics came together over shared interest in making advanced ion source technology accessible to more researchers. Our collaborations with equipment manufacturers have resulted in significant improvements in spatial resolution and data acquisition times for Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) and Low-Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS) spectroscopy instruments.

This enhanced instrument performance has resulted in high depth resolution and high throughput SIMS being viable for the semiconductor industry, as well as in significant gains in SIMS and LEIS spatial resolution for scientists engaged in a broad range of activities that include nuclear forensics, astro-chemistry, micro-biology and surface catalyst studies.

As a company, our mission is to support the research being conducted today that uses ion beam technology, and to continue our own research that will lead to the availability of even more advanced ion and electron beam instrumentation.

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