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Meet our Scientists

The team at Oregon Physics brings a range of experiences together in a perfect blend of science and innovation, with a touch of physics magic. Take a moment to meet the scientists of Oregon Physics.

Noel Smith

Noel’s interest in particle physics led him to specialize in focused ion beam optics and sources for secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) instrumentation. During his PhD studies at the University of Warwick, he developed a floating low energy ion gun (FLIG) under Prof. Mark Dowsett. Noel then began his six year migration west from Manchester to Oregon, working as a scientist for surface science and ion optics companies along the way. One of the three co-founders of Oregon Physics, Noel is engaged in the design and development of the Hyperion Series and managing the development of a next generation plasma FIB, while also working directly with customers on integrating these advanced ion sources to their optical systems. Contact Noel if you would like to discuss ion beams, or growing your own veggies.

Paul Tesch

Paul got his start working in conventional optics and lasers, before focusing his research on charged particle optics design and applications at the University of Central Florida. Paul holds several patents for ion and electron beam technology, and has extensive experience developing detectors, optics and complete systems that are widely used in surface science and nanotechnology research. As a co-founder of Oregon Physics, Paul focuses on design and development of customized electron guns for advanced semiconductor industry applications, as well as ion optics. He also works fabrication techniques for FIB apertures. Contact Paul if you would like to discuss ion, electron and photon beams or need recommendations for sightseeing in Oregon.

Noel Martin

The third in the trio of Oregon Physics’ founding members, Noel’s scientific and mechanical engineering expertise was the perfect complement to the research backgrounds of partners Noel Smith and Paul Tesch. Noel is no stranger to starting a company from a scientific idea; his father co-founded FEI Company and Noel worked there along side him, developing high voltage, high precision charged particle optics components and focusing systems for more than 25 years. At Oregon Physics, Noel assures that all source components are engineered to exacting standards. As luck would have it, Noel is also the person who answers the phone when someone calls for “Oregon Psychics” and no; he cannot fit you in for a reading. Contact Noel to talk about mechanical or design related questions components or riding dual-sport motorcycles.


Rod Boswell

Our man in Australia, Rod is our most decorated partner, with over 100 papers in major international journals, seven patents, and more than 50 invited lectures at international conferences in the last ten years. He is also the recipient of one of Australia’s highest honor, being made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition for his service to science in the field of plasma physics and contributions to the international scientific community. Rod is an emeritus Professor at the Australian National University and founder of the Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion group, where he is now primarily engaged in research of plasma thrusters for space propulsion. Rod formally joined Oregon Physics as a partner in 2008. He also plays a mean electric bass in a jazz band comprised of other physicists, Contact Rod if you want to discuss anything related to plasma physics or music.

Wayne Burnett

Wayne brings his experience from industry to help round out the talent at Oregon Physics. After receiving his B.Sc. in Material Science and Engineering at Washington State University – and six years as the Nuclear Machinist’s Mate at a US Navy submarine base – Wayne joined Micron Technology and held various Lead Engineer roles in which he performed materials characterization, failure analysis and defect analysis using FIB, SEM and dual column FIB/SEM instruments. At Oregon Physics, Wayne applies his knowledge in our analytical services lab. Contact Wayne if you would like to discuss how our service lab can help solve your material engineering challenges, or if you have a vexing behavioral problem with your cats.

Phil Witham

Phil cites electronic circuit design as his first love, and as a child, he studied that and software engineering just for fun. This lead to a career path that included several awards, patents and running the electronics group at a liquid fuel rocket research company. Phil has his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics from Portland State University, where he invented and built the world’s highest performance neutral atom beam microscope (NAM). He is our resident guru with COMSOL simulations and RF plasma generation electronics and his array of talents are now also being applied to the development of a highly efficient gas ionizer. Contact Phil if you want to talk about RF power supplies, neutral atom beams or aerobatic flying.

Harrison Latimer

“Harrison will do it.” As the newest member of Oregon Physics, Harrison is the guy who will do anything he is asked, but he is also a highly valued critical thinker and collaborator. Harrison has his BS in Physics from Rowan University in New Jersey and he is currently pursuing his M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University. Harrison covers a lot of bases, including electron and ion source building, testing and procedure documentation. Besides dabbling in optics modeling, Harrison doubles as the model for many of our website photos. Contact Harrison to discuss source characterization data or to ask for his autograph.

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