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Oregon Physics announces new variable frequency power generator for plasma process equipment

Supercharge your plasma system performance with our new VRG1000A RF generator, a unique 1 KW power supply which offers manufacturers of plasma processing equipment, such as wafer etch or deposition tools, a compact, convenient and stable power supply solution.

Supercharge your plasma system performance with this unique 1 KW power supply with low noise, high stability and long lifetime. Our new VRG1000A RF generator delivers flexible signal generation and improved performance for plasma deposition and etch systems, and other research tools requiring a variable frequency power supply. It is also well suited for research instruments that require a flexible power supply. 

Designed for plasma excitation, the VRG1000A is proven to tolerate the unique impedance loads of plasma sources during on/off cycles, particularly the high standing wave voltages. It operates with variable frequency that can be continuously tuned across two common fixed bands. Its frequency range covers both the 27.12 and 40.68 MHz ISM frequency bands commonly used in science, industry and research. Users requiring both bands at different times can use this single solution rather than two different power supplies operating at each one of the bands. Furthermore, the VRG1000A allows fine frequency adjustment over the full 25-42 MHz range. Liquid cooling and low noise variable speed fans assure quiet operation. 

Contact us to receive a product data sheet for the new VRG1000A.

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